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Marbella Real Estate in 2024 – The Ultimate Guide

Marbella Real Estate - The Ultimate Guide in 2024

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Buying a piece of Marbella real estate, in a stunning coastal city in Spain’s Costa del Sol, can be both an exciting and daunting endeavor. With its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, Marbella offers a high quality of life that attracts buyers worldwide. However, the process of buying property here involves several crucial steps and considerations. This real estate guide provides a comprehensive overview to help you make informed decisions.

Getting Started with Your Property Search

Online Research and Choosing an Agent

Begin your journey with thorough online research, focusing on reputable agencies known for their experience and personalized services. Trustworthy agencies with a good track record will offer tailored inventories and insights, making your search more efficient. Personal recommendations and reviews can also guide you in selecting the right agent.

For more tips on choosing the best real estate agent, check out our comprehensive guide.

Legal Representation

Engage a qualified solicitor and financial advisor early in the process. Legal and financial advice is crucial, especially when dealing with tax implications and legal compliance. Establish these relationships even before finding your dream property to streamline the process.

Understand the Costs and Fees in Marbella Real Estate

Online Research and Choosing an Agent

  • Transfer Tax (ITP): 7% for resale properties.

  • VAT (IVA) and Stamp Duty (AJD): 10% + 1.2% for new properties.

  • Notary and Property Registry Fees: Approximately €3000.

  • Municipal Added Value Tax (Plus Valía): Variable, typically paid by the seller.

  • Lawyer’s Fees: Around 1% of the property’s selling price.

Expect total acquisition costs to be around 10-11% for resale properties and 12% for new constructions, including legal fees.

Crafting Your Offer on a Property in Marbella

Making a Strong Offer

Your offer should be more than just about price. Include details like the deposit amount, payment terms, and any contingencies. A well-crafted offer shows seriousness and can engage the seller more effectively.

Legal Involvement

Involve your lawyer throughout the negotiation process to ensure all terms are legally compliant and your interests are protected. This step is critical in the dynamic Marbella real estate market.

Finalizing a Purchase in Marbella Real Estate


With Marbella real estate, ensure all documentation is in order before buying. Obtain an N.I.E number, open a Spanish bank account, and find a reliable solicitor and tax advisor. A reservation contract and a subsequent private contract with a 10% payment are standard procedures.


Complete the purchase at the notary’s office. All parties, including legal representatives and bank personnel, must be present. After signing the deed, it will be registered at the Land Registry, which can take up to three months.


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Post-Purchase Considerations for Marbella Real Estate Buyers

Ongoing Costs

Marbella Real Estate comes with ongoing expenses such as maintenance, community fees, property taxes, and garbage collection.

Golden Visa

Non-EU residents investing €500,000 or more in Marbella property can apply for a Golden Visa, which offers residency benefits.

Explore the benefits and requirements of the Golden Visa program.

Simplified Tips for Viewing Properties in Marbella

  1. Plan ahead and select properties you like before visiting.

  2. Choose a real estate firm and agent, then schedule multiple viewings in one day to save time.

  3. Limit viewings to about five properties per day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  4. Explore the area to ensure it meets your preferences.

  5. Visit properties during the daytime and nighttime.

  6. Communicate openly with your agent about your likes and dislikes.

  7. Stay flexible and rely on your agent to adjust as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marbella Real Estate

What happens after purchasing a property?

The title deed transfers possession to the buyer. Deeds are registered at the Land Registry, allowing for utility bill and bank detail changes.

What is a reservation contract in Spain?

It reserves a property for an agreed time. If the buyer backs out, they forfeit the fee unless exceptions apply. If the purchase proceeds, the fee is included in the final price.

What happens if the seller pulls out after the reservation fee is paid?

The seller must refund double the reservation fee. It’s advisable to hasten signing the private contract after paying the reservation fee.

When does the seller need to move out?

Typically, the buyer can move in after signing all contracts and receiving keys at the notary. If more time is needed, an agreement can be made between both parties.

What are the mortgage fees in Spain?

Mortgage fees range from 1.5% to 2.5% annually. Banks offer fixed and variable mortgages, with variable ones tied to factors like EURIBOR.

Does a Marbella real estate has ongoing costs after buying?

Yes, there are ongoing costs such as maintenance, community fees, property taxes, and garbage collection.

For detailed information on managing property taxes in Marbella.


With this guide, you’re now better equipped to embark on your journey in Marbella real estate. From understanding the initial costs to finalizing your purchase, we’ve covered all the essentials. Remember, having the right legal and financial advisors by your side is crucial for a smooth transaction. Happy house hunting!

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